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Why Use a Travel Agency?

There are so many reasons that it is to your advantage to always make your travel reservations with a award-winning travel agency like American Discount Cruises & Travel. Here are just a few of them:

→ Added Value…Discounts & Gifts!

A travel agent can provide you with special booking bonuses that Travel Agencycustomers do not get when booking directly with the vendors. For example, you might get spending money to use during a cruise, and/or a discount off of the price, that the cruise line will not give you…or extra if they do. There's NEVER a circumstance that we can't give you something that they won't.

Why American Discount?

Our travel agency is well known for providing very generous discounts and gifts to our customers. Backed by our Low Price Guarantee, and a desire to never be beat by our competitors, you're always going to get an amazing deal when booking with us. Further, because of our strong relationship with many cruise lines, we have exclusive ADC Advantage pricing on many cruises!

→ Experience & Unbiased Expertise

Having the unbiased advice and guidance of an expert is priceless, regardless of the topic. The travel industry is no different, as travel agents provide this valuable service. A well educated and experienced travel agent knows which hotels and cruise ships are the best, and which ones to avoid. They can create a customized itinerary based on your vacation desires, and can be your "go to" resource for any of your travel questions. They have helpful tips to share with you about the places you'll visit on your trip, whether it be "can't miss" attractions. Travel agents don't work for the vendors, so they aren't biased - a reputable travel agent will recommend products that are right for you, not a product that the company they work for owns. When you call a vendor directly, you aren't talking to a travel agent - it's one of their employees. There's a reason why travel agencies have existed since the 1800s!

Why American Discount?

We're not just "order takers." We're a family owned and operated business, and truly care about each of our customers. We want to make sure the vacation you book is the best possible choice for you. You might have a trip already in mind, but with our travel agency's Book the perfect vacation with a Travel Agencyhelp you might end up booking something even better than you imagined. Whether your priority is experiential or price-driven, we will make sure your priority is our priority!

Our travel agents undergo extensive training, not only during the hiring process, but also throughout their employment. Many of our travel agents are certified by the most prestigious travel organizations in the world. For example, we have CLIA certified travel agents that have achieved the MCC (Master Cruise Counsellor) and ECC (Elite Cruise Counsellor) levels, which are equated by CLIA to a Masters Degree and PhD in our industry, respectively. We also have staff members that have completed in-depth training courses for the most popular tevacation providers in the world, including, but not limited to, Royal Caribbean (who has named our agency Northeast Partner of the Year, twice!), Norwegian Cruise Line (we're in their President's Circle, their top account status), Princess Cruises (we're an Excel Gold agency, their top account status), Celebrity Cruises (we're the #1 seller of their brand in our sales region), Disney (we're an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, also known as an EarMarked travel agency), and Sandals Resorts…the list goes on!

Some some travel agencies charge up-front fees, just to speak with their travel agents. Time is money, and the expert knowledge of a travel agent has a significant value. However, we want to earn your business with our expertise, rather than charge you for it without you even making a reservation. You can contact us today and speak with our experts, at no cost to you!

Our travel agency has a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (their highest rating possible), is ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) accredited (considered the industry's gold standard), and is a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network).

→ Excellent Customer Service

When you make a reservation directly with a vendor, you are going to be exclusively dealing with their customer service staff. By booking with a travel agent, you have your own advocate to assist you with Travel Agency Customer Servicevendor issues. You don't have to wait on hold with the vendor (which can sometimes be quite a wait), and don't have to deal with nearly as much of the stressful situations that may arise if you have an issue with the vendor. Wouldn't you rather have someone that specializes in resolving vendor issues assist you?

Why American Discount?

When there's an issue with your reservation, we work on your behalf to advocate for you with the vendor. Because of our travel agency's high sales volume and strong relationship with many vendors, we're often able to escalate issues to special contacts and/or executives at the vendor. We help solve issues that you might not have been able to get resolved to your satisfaction. We're open 7 days a week, and have a team of customer service representatives that assist our travel agents in making sure that all of our customers receive the attention and assistance that they deserve.

Statements made on this page are accurate, to the best of our knowledge. We are closed on certain major holidays, and in the rare circumstance that weather prohibits safe operation. Additional details and exceptions may apply.