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MS Symphony

MS Mayfair

Ship Rating: Cruise Ship Rating
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MS Mayfair was built in 2010 to carry 150 guests along the Nile River in spacious suites and staterooms. Featured amenities include a pool and spa with massage services.

Keeping line with Viking’s 175 years of river cruising history, you will receive the very best of service aboard the MS Mayfair. The fact that Viking specializes in river cruises means that the experience of a river cruise will not be matched by any other company. From panoramic windows to the most expert of river tour guides, there will be no shortage of enjoyment aboard MS Mayfair.

MS Mayfair’s immersion in local culture does not end with the river. Open dining is provided throughout the day so guests can partake in the finest in local cuisine at any time of the day. Expertly trained chefs use the freshest ingredients to prepare regional delicacies which match perfectly with hand-picked bottles of local wines.

Off-boat activities are also offered to compliment the on-ship portion of your voyage. Try your hands at local activities and customs to get the real-world feel of the area you are traveling in. From music to food and wine tastings, you will have many tales to bring back to your friends and family.

MS Mayfair Facts

Inaugural Year: 2010
Refurbished Year: N/A
Country of Registration: N/A
Guest Occupancy*: 150
Crew: 35
Crew-to-Passenger Ratio: 1 to 4.2
Length: 358 feet
Beam: 37 feet
Passenger Decks: 4

Total: 48
Suites, with balcony: 0
Suites, without balcony: 4
Ocean View, with balcony: 0
Ocean View, without balcony: 44
Inside: 0

Accessible Staterooms: 0

Dining Type: Open

Casino: No

*Based on double occupancy
Ship Highlights

Cultural Highlights
To complement your tours and shore excursions, take part in MS Mayfair's Cultural Highlights-immersive learning and enhancement activities both on board and ashore:
  • Ride a camel near the pyramids at Giza
  • Sample local Nubian cuisine
  • Take in traditional performances of folk music and dance
  • See the treasures of King Tutankhamun
  • Sail a felucca on the Nile
  • Enjoy a sound and light show at Abu Simbel
These in-depth experiences are included as an essential part of discovering more about the places through which you cruise, and each activity is planned specifically to illuminate each itinerary.

Culture Curriculum
Sometimes you want to dig a little deeper. MS Mayfair offers a series of onboard multimedia talks to shed light on the history and culture of the places you visit. Learn about:
  • Egypt's dynasties going back 5,000 years
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Ancient Egyptian building techniques
  • Archeological excavations of Egypt's treasures
  • Key words and phrases in the local language
These presentations provide a context for your own observations, enhancing your travel experience.

Fine dining aboard MS Mayfair
MS Mayfair's chefs create a variety of tasty offerings for you, with freshly prepared seasonal local vegetables, local specialties adapted to satisfy the tastes of our passengers, and homemade soups prepared daily. For breakfast, choose from a selections of pastries, cereals, breakfast meats, egg dishes, fresh fruit and selected cheeses. At lunch, select from the soup and sandwich bar, or a choice of entrees and dessert. And for dinner, you are treated to a full menu with regional specialties.

MS Mayfair Deals

Check out the cruise deals that we have available on MS Mayfair cruises:
Best Value & Service on Viking River Cruises

Best Value & Service on all MS Mayfair Cruises

Book any MS Mayfair cruise with us and you'll get the Best Value, along with our unparalleled level of customer service.

Complimentary Beverages on Viking River

Complimentary Beverages on Viking River Cruises

Viking is the most all-inclusive of all river cruise lines. And starting this year, Viking provides complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks with onboard dinner and lunch service to enhance your dining experience.
No Booking Fees

No Booking Fees!

We do not charge booking fees on any cruises! You're sure to enjoy an affordable MS Mayfair cruise when booking with us!
Our special offers on MS Mayfair cruises may not be combinable. Certain restrictions apply to each offer. View terms and conditions during the online booking process.

MS Mayfair Cruise Destinations

Click any destination below to view some of the upcoming cruises available on MS Mayfair:
Egypt Cruises on MS Mayfair
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Suites top
Owner Suite Suite (Category S)
Approximate Size: 377 square feet
Located on: Upper Deck

Suites aboard MS Mayfair have a river view, with hotel-style beds, a sofa, a veranda and large windows, a private bathroom with bathtub and shower, air conditioning, a telephone, refrigerator, hair dryer, safe, and flat-panel television.
Balconies top
Large Picture Window Deluxe (Categories A and B)
Approximate Size: 215 square feet
A located on: Upper Deck
B located on: Middle and Main Decks

The Deluxe staterooms of MS Mayfair have a river view, hotel-style beds, a French balcony or veranda, a private bathroom with bathtub and shower, air conditioning, a telephone, refrigerator, hair dryer, safe, as well as a flat-panel television with an infotainment system and satellite.

All stateroom descriptions are subject to change. Photos provided are not guaranteed to accurately represent the room listed. Some staterooms in the same category may have different furniture arrangements or be a different size than listed. We reserve the right to correct errors. Please verify all details with the cruise line directly.

MS Mayfair Deck Plans

Click a deck provided below to view it:

Select Deck
Upper Deck
Middle Deck
Main Deck
Lower Deck

Category Legend
Suite Suite
A Large Picture Window
B Large Picture Window
C Large Picture Window
D Half-high Picture Window
E Half-high Picture Window

The deck plans of MS Mayfair provided on this page are subject to change. We reserve the right to correct errors. Please verify all information with Viking River Cruises directly.
Upper Deck
MS Mayfair Deck Plans

MS Mayfair Photo Gallery

Here's a look at some of the highlights of MS Mayfair:
For photos of staterooms, please click the accommodations tab provided above. Ship is subject to modifications.
Restaurant/Buffet Area
Restaurant/Buffet Area
Sun Deck
Sun Deck
Reception Center
Reception Center
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